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Common Questions About Wine And Beverage Coolers


Shopping for wine coolers can be a bit overwhelming. There can be countless options to consider, features you didn’t even know existed, and aesthetics to match with your home and lifestyle. Here are six of the top questions people are asking about wine coolers right now. 

Do you really need a wine cooler?

If you like to drink wine, then the short answer is, yes, you need a wine cooler. Even if you just like to keep a bottle of wine on hand for the occasional evening glass or casual guest, a wine cooler will keep your wine fresh and protected. Keeping your wine in the fridge or pantry not only takes up space but it can also taint your wine with the flavors of the leftover casserole and garlic it was next to overnight. Instead, choose to keep your wine in a wine cooler where it will be protected under ideal conditions. The extra space in your wine cooler can be used for other beverages until you get serious about building your wine collection. Learn more about Why You Need A Wine Cooler. And take a look at a few wine and beverage coolers.

Can you put other drinks in a wine cooler?

Absolutely! That’s the short answer. The longer answer is, it depends. If you are cultivating a wine collection, you’ll want to use your wine cooler to keep your wine in ideal conditions. Since the ideal conditions for wine are different than soda, beer, and lemonade, you’ll want to store those elsewhere. It won’t harm your beverages to keep them in a wine cooler. However, opening and closing the door multiple times a day to grab a beverage can take its toll on your wine. Luckily, there is a compromise available. Check out these wine and beverage coolers. They are built for households who like to keep their beverages in one place, but don’t want to damage their wine just because multiple household members reach for other drinks throughout the day.

Questions About Wine And Beverage Coolers | Capstone Wine Coolers

Can you store food in a beverage cooler?

When storing your wine in a wine cooler, you’ll generally keep the temp between 45 and 65 degrees fahrenheit. The FDA recommends keeping perishable foods at 40 degrees fahrenheit. While many people choose to store their fruits and veggies in their wine cooler, it will keep them above the ideal temperature for storing fresh produce. That means your produce may not last as long. Instead, consider keeping your wine and other beverages in your wine cooler. By keeping beverages in your wine cooler, you’ll free up more room for your produce in the produce drawer of your refrigerator. 

What temperatures do you set for your wine cooler?

If you have a single zone wine cooler, you’ll want to set it to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the middle ground temperature for most wines. The zone feature in your wine cooler refers to whether the entire cooler will be the same temperature, or it will be partitioned. There are dual and triple zone wine coolers that make it possible to store different wines and beverages at their ideal temperatures. Dry white, Rose, and sparkling wines prefer cooler temps, but you can put them in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes before serving. Shop for dual and triple zone wine coolers or wine and beverage coolers to get the right built in partitioning. Take a look at this helpful guide about ideal wine temperatures.

Type of Wine

Serving Temperature

Cooler Temperature

Dry White, Rose, Sparkling

40 - 50 Degrees

45 Degrees

Full-bodied White, Light, fruity Red

50-60 Degrees

55 Degrees

Full-bodied Red, Port

60-65 Degrees

55 Degrees

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